# Jurisdiction

Protecting the integrity of the community and our reputation is vital in maintaining a healthy and welcoming environment. The staff team primarily takes action based on behaviour conducted on our services; this could be in Twitch Chat on an official Qixalite channel or servers that we host. However, outside conduct can also be actionable if the representing community member's behaviour is tarnishing the reputation of Qixalite.

# Services

Services run, hosted or deployed from Qixalite infrastructure such as but not limited to APIs and website services are a part of Qixalite’s services. Furthermore, third-party services that Qixalite utilises such as but not limited to official Qixalite Twitch channels and Discord servers are considered to be governed within our service infrastructure.

# Examples

  • Bookable Services
  • Qixalite Twitch Channels
  • Qixalite Discord Servers

# Representation

# Public

Information belonging or being available in the public from community members regardless of whether it occurred on Qixalite services can be actionable.

# Private

Information belonging or being available in private that hasn’t leaked publicly but hasn’t occurred on Qixalite services can’t be actionable.

Last Updated: 1/27/2021, 4:57:29 AM