# General

We strive to make an inclusive community environment throughout our various services, and by doing so, there are guidelines for all to follow. When using, communicating or participating in any of our platforms, you agree to abide by the directions outlined in the guideline pages.

# Review

# Misconduct

Describes conduct that is considered improper from community members.

# Jurisdiction

Discusses the domains that action can be taken against community members for poor conduct.

# Penalties

Outlines actions that can be taken against community members.


It is recommended to read the sections above, so you are aware of the appropriate conduct that is expected.

# Quick Rules

The information outlined below is a handy set of concise rules to remember that can act as a general guideline throughout our various services.

# Common Sense

Unspoken rules of civility still apply, so remember to make sound and prudent judgement before acting.

# Spam

Avoid spamming irrelevant or unsolicited messages.

All advertisements are prohibited unless permitted by Qixalite.

# Staff Direction

Adhere to directions from Qixalite staff members.


Although quick rules are a good guideline to keep in mind, remember to review our misconduct page to ensure appropriate conduct is upheld.

Last Updated: 1/27/2021, 4:57:29 AM